Jason Lawrence Bell
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01/01/19.       AUDIO AVAILABLE SOON

‘Space between the notes is silence’, was the first thought of young mandolin player who just finished writing his first song. He sat back and replayed the crude recording from his small recorder of his new composition. He was proud of the music, but also became fixated with how much silence stood between the notes. He thought that if the silence was removed, the song would become a mess of jumbled notes that lost their appeal. To him the notes seemed to swim in a soup of silence. Where the silence is the canvas that he decorates with notes.

There are many styles of music and many different instruments to play. They sound to the human ear as unique and varied from each other. But they all have silence in common. Silence the vital ingredient that holds the melodies together. The sound of nothingness that is always the same and never changes and gives notes the forum to impress.

All these thoughts rolled through the musician’s mind. He looked around his room and he realized that light illuminates the objects in his room, but that light is invisible. Also, the air in the room that fills all the empty space and delivers smells and temperatures is unseeing. So much of his world is surrounded by invisible vital elements. The musician’s mind was reeling from realizations. It occurred to him that while he was deep in thought, silence filled his room and beckoned him. It seemed to softly encouraged him to create more sounds to dance with the silence. Peace.