Jason Lawrence Bell
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01-20-19 Bobby’s Twin


“Wow this going to take longer than I thought”, said the teacher to her students. She was standing in front of the students in her classroom and looking sternly at the group. She asked for any student volunteer to be first to present their essays to the class. But no volunteers. The essay was titled ‘The Person Who Has Influenced Me the Most’.

The teacher had the same project every year. She knew that about half the kids would say their influential person would be one of the parents, about a fourth would say Jesus, and I few would say some famous Rapper or super hero and one or two may even say the teacher. This was so routine the teacher was irritated that the students were holding back. She warned ‘I need a volunteer or I will just select a person’. Still no response.

Then from the back of the room a student stood and walked to front. This surprised the teacher. Bobby Kimball had never spoken in the classroom much less volunteered. Bobby had a wrinkled sheet of paper that he pulled from his pocket, and slowly began. “I was born February 2nd. I was the first born and my brother was next, but he died and I lived. His name was Billy, he was my twin.” The room went silent. The students and the teacher were fixed on Bobby’s story and gave him all their attention. Bobby continued, “as early as I can remember, I have heard Billy’s voice in my head. I know I was born first, but Billy always seemed older to me and smarter. He taught me how to walk. He showed me how to talk to my mom and dad so they wouldn’t order me around or restrict me. My parents thought I was real smart and mature, but it was really Billy. With his voice in my ear I could handle anything. I could spot the bad people and avoid them. Billy was my only friend and I leaned on him for everything.”

The teacher was amazed by the story but noticed that Bobby was speaking in past tense. She continued to listen intensely. Bobby spoke more, “then last week Billy told me he had to leave because he wasn’t helping me anymore. He thought he was hurting me because I needed him too much. I was not making friends and I needed to think on my own. I begged him not to go, but he’s gone and won’t talk to me. The last thing he said to me was that I should write this Influential People report and tell our story. He made me promise.”

“Billy was my Most Influential Person.” Bobby put the paper back his pocket and began to cry. Without hesitation the teacher and the students rushed up to Bobby. Most of them felt his sadness and offered what comfort they could. The cute girl handed him a drawing of him that she drew while he spoke. To the teachers surprise the boys were the most sympathetic. One boy who knew Bobby played a little guitar asked him to join his band. Another boy asked Bobby to play basketball with his group after school.

But it was Jimmy who touched Bobby the most. Jimmy was also a twin and his brother Jamie was a student at the school too. Jimmy seemed extremely moved by Bobby’s story and spoke directly to Bobby. “You know I have twin, Jamie.” Bobby nodded, yes. He continued “I know Jamie will like this idea, so why don’t you hang with us. We can be like triplets. Would that be cool with you.” Bobby smiled broadly “that would to cool”. Peace.***