Jason Lawrence Bell
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02-18-20 Wishingwell.com


‘How sweet, someone is a secret admirer,’ thought Doris as she noticed the special wrapped package on her desk. It looked expensive with beautiful ribbon and bows. The small card said simply, “Your wish is my command”. Doris hesitated opening it. She had an uneasy feeling but she unwrapped the paper. She took the lid off and looked inside. Doris screamed in horror at the sight and ran out of her office. Inside the package was a severed penis. The office manager called the police.

Across town at a large law firm, Steven had received a package in a legal delivery pouch. It was addressed to Steven ‘for your eyes only.’ He opened the pouch to find a large envelope. He took the envelope and poured the content on his desk. Steven jumped back in disbelief. A severed human tongue landed on his ink blotter. Immediately the police were called. But they were already busy at a factory in the industrial park.

An office manager name Margie received a UPS delivery, addressed to her personally. Inside the package Margie found a severed hand. Margie was already at the police station being questioned. During her interview the police became aware of the two other incidents. They questioned Margie about the similarities with the other cases. Immediately, Margie stopped talking and demanded a lawyer. Her actions surprised and alerted police that these cases are much more involved and somehow deeply connected.

The police called in Doris and Steven to interview and they had the same reaction. They were friendly and open until the other cases were mentioned, then they quickly lawyered up like Margie. The police could tell all the body parts were from the same person, but they could not tell who. There were no missing person cases that matched and hospitals had no record of any male body missing a penis, tongue and hand. So, without the cooperation of Margie, Doris or Steven the cases were at a standstill.

The police were desperate so they announced the story of the three cases without giving the names, and asked for help from the public. The response was much different than the police expected. Three men and two women came to the police demanding protection and confessing to a variety of crimes. Two women confessed to financial embezzlement, two men confessed to date rapes, and one man was married to five women. They all thought their lives were in danger and wanted protection even if it meant prison time. The police were amazed and completely confused. The more they learned, the less they understood. Then one of the men who confessed to rape, mentioned a website. Wishingwell.com.

The lead investigator visited the website. The site looked very tame. There was a large picture of a wishing well and an invitation to put your wish into the well. A pop up appeared with an area to write your wish. The investigator wrote, ‘a raise in salary of at least 50%.’ Then he pushed send. A small menu appeared at the bottom of the page. Two options ‘attach specific’ or ‘attach to Universe’. The lead investigator decided to select ‘attach to universe’. Once pushed a pop up appears, ‘the universe has heard you’. Then back to the home page. The investigator was deciding the website was mundane and a dead end. But he decided to try one more wish.

On the home page a new pop up appeared for a wish. The investigator typed in, ‘cut the penis off.’ Then sent the wish. When the bottom menu came available, he chose ‘attach specific’. He was immediately sent to a different area of the site. At the top of the page in large letters read ‘Three Is A Charm’. The investigator thought, ‘three what is a charm?’ Then he began scrolling down the page. Pictures of men and women with their full names and town of residence were displayed. It was almost like a dating service but no way to contact them. The investigator selected a picture and a pop up appeared. It simply asked ‘Attach?’ So, he could attach his wish to any photo. Then he noticed there was a number just above the picture on each person. Some had the number One, some had two. But the pictures with a number three had the red-letter word ‘Charmed’ written across the photo. Then he remembered ‘three is a charm.’ Somehow these photos were ‘charmed’.

Following a hunch, he began searching the photos. And there they were. The five people that turned themselves in had their pictures displayed. And they all had the number two. One more number and they would be ‘charmed’. That’s what they must be afraid of, being ‘charmed’. He called Margie, Doris and Steven, but they would not talk or even admit to knowing about the wishingwell.com.

The investigator contacted the FBI, who found out the web site was originated in a foreign country and heavily encrypted. They could not see the wishes or who they were from. They tried to block the website but it immediately reappeared. Legally they could not prove the site did anything but accept the wishes of members. The news media was on top of the story and the website became common knowledge.

Then reports of grotesque package deliveries in quantities of three were reported throughout the world. And the news media was frantically reporting. When the people receiving the packages realized that if they remained quiet, they would not be pulled into the growing investigations. Overnight the grotesque package reports stopped and everything went quiet. It was like nothing was happening at the website. However, people spontaneously confessing to crimes were keeping the police very busy. The website was more popular than ever. People were making wishes in huge quantities. And people would search the site for their own names and how many wishes were against them. The legal system could do nothing because they could prove nothing. Yet they knew the website was fully active. They knew people were receiving horrible packages and not reporting. However, more crimes than ever were being solved with full confessions. Last year the website with the most followers was awarded to wishingwell.com. Peace***