Jason Lawrence Bell
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03-04-19 Love Triangle


Emily turned to her closest friend, Fran and announced. ‘All my years of contemplating and planning, I remained focused on one person who I believed could give me the life I deserve. He came from the aristocratic family background, so important to my future status. And his appearance was perfection. So handsome with a body to keep me interested forever. Not to mention the beautiful children we would have. With me he wouldn’t have to decide anything. I have already planned our historic wedding to the last detail. I know where we would live, how many children and all of names. He would only have to bring in the fortune to pay for our comfort, plus be unflinchingly loyal to only me. I would do everything else. Pretty amazing deal for him don’t you think.’ Emily looked at Fran expecting approval. Fran slightly nodded hoping Emily would accept that as an answer.

Fran had a secret that she desperately kept from Emily. But for now, she needed to be the concerned friend listening to her old friends’ current drama. Emily continued, ‘you know I deserve loyalty and respect. I have always been a quality top-drawer person. I deserve the best of everything.’ Fran rolled her eyes. Emily always had a distorted grandiose self-image of herself. However, she seemed to be getting more extreme. More demanding of her superior expectations. Her grandiose self-image and narcissistic personality had always given Emily an inability to see what was obvious to others. Most people didn’t like her, but Emily thought they all loved her. Yes, Fran was Emily’s best friend, but Fran really just tolerated Emily, because they had known each other since childhood and Emily was always calling.

If found out, Fran’s secret would be devastating to Emily especially since Emily won’t see it coming. Fran had been secretly seeing Emily’s love interest, Brad, for over a year. It started when Brad desperately called Fran for advice on how to handle Emily’s aggressive pursuit. Brad at first was friendly to Emily, but soon lost interest, but Emily would not accept any pulling away and responded with more determined actions. With time Fran and Brad became secret lovers and thought Emily would eventually lose interest and move on. But Emily never did. And there was more to Frans secret.

Fran was now pregnant with Brad’s child and she and Brad decided that it was time to end the Emily drama. They had more important things to think about. So, their plan was for Brad to tell Emily in no uncertain terms that they didn’t have a future and to leave him alone. Brad was to do it last night. Then Emily called early in the morning and desperately needed to talk to Fran before Fran had a chance to talk to Brad. Fran thought that she would act the best friend and hopefully help Emily with the transition by meeting with her.

So, Fran asked Emily ‘what did Brad say last night’? Emily’s face changed to a very serious, inwardly angry expression. Eventually Emily spoke, ‘Brad had gone crazy. He simply lost this mind and started saying nonsense.’ Fran carefully asked, ‘wow, what did he say’? Emily continued ‘just a bunch of lies. That there was another woman and she was pregnant. I knew he was lying and he would not stop lying.’

Fran knew Brad didn’t give her up or Emily would direct anger at her. Fran added, ‘well it’s probably best that you know this now, so you can let the liar go and find a better more loyal partner?’ Emily calming responded, ‘yes Brad and I are finished. And I gave him the appropriate send off.’ Emily had a big smile that startled Fran. Fran asked, ‘So what was the sendoff?’ Emily turned to Fran and said ‘I cut his throat ear to ear.’ Peace***