Jason Lawrence Bell
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03-11-20 Stoner


‘How could a lonely kid of sixteen possibly carry out a plan this intricate. He must have an accomplice. Though his mother swore he had no friends and only she had been with him for months,’ were the thoughts of the investigative reporter. Sonya, the reporter, caught this story when her next-door neighbor told her about the strange boy that held his entire town hostage.

Bonner Stone was a teenage home-schooled boy, who was raised by an overly protective mother that allowed him freedom to do anything as long as he stayed home. When Bonner was preschool age, he attended a church preschool near his house. Many who were present still talked about the hellish Bonner terrorizing the other kids. They talked of Bonner’s natural mean streak. He was a literal demon in toddler clothes. He bullied the other kids and made ugly threats to any teacher or parent who tried to stop him. He lasted one day and the school told his mother never to return. His mother blamed the church and angrily decided to let Bonner be Bonner.

She would buy him any tools or supplies Bonner needed, though she knew they were being used to hurt others. Bonner had a natural ugly nature, but his mom wanted revenge. Bonner grew to have an amazing ability to find ways to teach himself the skills he needed. Computers were his passion though he saw it only as a tool to do research and execute his sick plans. When Bonner was young, he did more juvenile pranks. He sent 30 pizzas to the cop’s house down the street. He made prank calls to the pastor’s daughter calling her a prostitute. He did it using auto repeat that kept the calls coming for days. He became notorious but never seemed to get caught red handed.

As he aged his targets became more sophisticated. Sonya, the reporter, was piecing together Bonner’s past aggressions and saw how he matured and let his taste for chaos and manipulation flourish. He started hacking voting machines and put his own candidates in office. Usually neo-Nazi or white supremacist candidates. He would hijack the bank accounts of ‘anti-bulling’ organizations and put them out of business. He once changed the schedules for all the local bus lines and the city went crazy with disorganization.

After careful research, Sonya had her story ready. Her editor was well aware of Bonner and wanted to expose him. He gave Sonya front page space. The article was an immediate must-read. It showed a rare picture of Bonner and his enabling mother and lists of his repulsive actions that everyone was now aware of. Reporters from other papers gathered outside of Bonner’s home and wanted to get his response.

Suddenly the crowd of reporters were pushed to the side to allow for two large black SUVs to park in front of Bonner’s home. Four men in suits exited the SUVs and entered the house. They stayed for a couple of hours then abruptly left. Shortly after Bonner’s mother came out to the crowd. She was smiling widely and wanted to make a statement. ‘For those of you who wanted to do harm to my fine son, you have failed. Bonner is now working full time for the Republican Party.’ Peace***