Jason Lawrence Bell
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04-05-19.        AUDIO AVAILABLE SOON

‘Sleep is over rated.’ Read the sign at the coffee shop under Stella’s apartment. Stella rents a small studio apartment that is directly above the local Starbucks. She thought finding that studio was a match made in heaven, since she loved their drinks. Stella was a short story writer and coffee was her fuel to write the volumes of stories she has finished in her short 4 years of writing. To say Stella was prolific was an understatement. Nearly every day she finishes a completed story ready for publication. Many of her stories are displayed in magazines. She has two books published and one more being edited. And a couple of her stories have been developed into television series. She is what many consider a ‘hot property’ in literary circles.

But Stella has a secret that has haunted her for years. Her writings are more like channeling than a writer laboring over an idea. When Stella sits down to write, she simple asks for a story and she begins dictating what she hears in her head. Hearing the words is not exactly how it happens. It’s more like words occur to her and she writes them down. And when the story’s complete she feels wonderment in the results.

After hundreds of stories she still is astonished at the process. But she is conflicted. Does she say that these are her stories? If not, then whose stories are they. She has begun saying ‘Written thru Stella’ on the credits. But she’s still confused about the creative process. Do other writers, especially the successful ones, have stories come to them completed. Is the creative process a ‘thru them’ experience? Do they feel like frauds like Stella? Especially when they accept awards? Were Beethoven and Mozart frauds? This weighed heavy on Stella, but she didn’t want to do anything that would obstruct the process. She didn’t want to risk losing the access. But one day she summoned the strength to ask for clarity in her writings.

Please help me understand our writing process. May I ask who you are?


I am pure creative energy passing thru your psychic paradigm. I use your vocabulary, intellect, personality, temperament and experiences. That is your paradigm. All humans have paradigms and they effect the creativity’s direction. It feels like dictation but your influence has been established before words begin to occur. The same energy thru another human would have a completely different result. Plus, you do edit after first drafts to fix clarity and typos. You are more involved than you perceive.


Will you always be with me?


No, use it while it’s available. However, our connection is fluid. That’s satisfying. Enjoy it while you have it.


Is it possible to run out of stories?


No, all stories have already been completed. You add your flavor. It feels to you like new.


Stella felt clarity in the words. And blessed that she somehow can connect. Connect for now. So, every morning when she sits to write and words begin to occur, she feels thankful and deeply in ah of the connection. Peace