Jason Lawrence Bell
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04-10-19 Meets his Match


‘Awake too late and miss your fate’ was the small tattoo hidden on Donnor’s under arm. This tattoo was his reminder of his strong belief that working hard and seeking opportunities was his driving force. Donnor was voted ‘most likely to succeed’ in high school because it was common knowledge that Donnor was a go-getter. He treated everything like a challenge to win over. This included his love life. He attracted women who were impressed with his future prospects and could overlook his controlling side. He felt his idea of a perfect spouse was someone who accepted that he was the decider and admired him for always being correct. The problem became that after finding the women who met those characteristics, he didn’t respect them because they were weak and usually shallow. By the of age thirty Donnor had two divorces and scores of failed relationships.

Donnor was a self-help author. His book ‘Succeed Until You’re Freed’ was a huge success for Donnor and elevated him as an authority on business success strategies. His follow-up book ‘Health with Wealth’ was even a bigger success and he became the ‘Body Mind’ authority. He was a regular on television shows and he was well paid for his speeches.

The next book, ‘Winning Relationships’ was in the works. Relationships was the next logical topic for him to tackle. When Donnor began delivering unfinished chapters of the book to his publisher, they became shocked by the authoritarian nature of the direction. They showed Donnor their concerns that his approach was counter to all other popular books on relationships that encouraged a balanced and respectfully shared power structure. Donnor was not impressed. Because of his previous successes he was absolutely certain that he was right and became irritated that they would even consider challenging his authority. The publishers bravely reminded him of his own failed marriages and that possibly this is a topic he should avoid. Donnor’s arrogance solidified and he insisted on publishing his ideas. The publishers gave in and the book was released for Christmas sales.

Judgement was swift. The book reviewers slammed the book as ‘authoritarian trash.’ Psychologists defined it as the ‘works of a trouble mind.’ Other self-help writers crucified him as ‘out of his depth, unknowing and unrelenting’. Book sales dwindled to nearly nothing, but there was a loyal group of followers. Though Donnor was horrified by the negative reviews he found comfort in the dedicated followers that showed up at his book signings.

Then came the protesters. They showed up in droves usually out numbering his supporters two-to-one. And they were vocal. They would make loud fart sounds when Donnor said something they thought was ridiculous. The protesters leader was Annie. And she was brutal to Donnor. At one book signing Annie challenged his masculinity and told him that it was he who was the weak one. This was too much for Donnor and he stopped the signing and left out the back door.

As he reached his car there was Annie waiting. He felt overwhelmed and begged Annie to leave him alone. Annie responded, ‘you have been a very bad boy and you need to be punished.’ Donnor looked at Annie and was speechless. ‘What’ was all he could say. ‘You aren’t fooling me. As soon as I read your book, I knew who you were. Come here, NOW, and bend down in front of me. On your knees’ she demanded. Donnor was stunned and froze. All these strange sensations were flooding thru his body. He was feeling weak but sexually excited and found himself dropping to his knees and begging for forgiveness. Annie looked down on Donnor with stern control. ‘I knew when I first saw you that you are a ‘submissive’ trying to act like a ‘dominant’. You need to be told how to act and punished for breaking the rules.’

Donnor felt great relief and tried to kiss Annie’s hand. Instead, she slapped him hard and said, ‘I have a special place to take you where we have the toys we need. Come.’ Donnor followed Annie still on his knees but with a surprisingly expression of bliss of his face. Peace***