Jason Lawrence Bell
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04-17-19            AUDIO AVAILABLE SOON

‘Correct the papers and leave them on my desk please’ directed the high school English teacher to her aid. Sondra worked part time as Mrs. Stones aid at Burroughs High School. Sondra hoped to eventually be a teacher herself after graduating college. For now, she was getting valuable experience helping Mrs. Stone. Mrs. Stone was nearing retirement age and over the years helped dozens of aids like Sondra become full time teachers. She gave encouraging support and allowed the aids to see an accomplished teacher handle daily challenges. Mrs. Stone won teacher of the year twice and enjoys the full support of the Parent Association.

But Mrs. Stone had a secret, she was a highly sensitive clairvoyant. She had the ability to sense a person’s trajectory or where the person is heading toward. She never spoke about her extra ability but used it daily. Sondra could see Mrs. Stone relating to her students in a deep connected way, but never suspected it came from special abilities. Until two days before Thanksgiving.

Just as Mrs. Stones class was being dismissed for the holiday, Sondra saw Mrs. Stone speaking to select students as they left class. She asked Billy, Evelyn and Zack to stay after class for a quick good bye. She put her attention to Billy and said ‘I have just a little reminder about allergies. Some people develop allergies later in life,’ and she warned Billy about peanuts. ‘So just be careful about sauces with peanut oil. Have a great Thanksgiving’. Billy said goodbye and left.

Mrs. Stone turned her attention to Evelyn, ‘So your family is driving to Los Angeles for the holiday. Your dad has been working really hard and could use a break with driving duties. You would be great help doing the driving. And it would be safer.’ Evelyn like the other kids were used to Mrs. Stones off-the-wall suggestions. But they also knew they came from her loving concern and Evelyn thanked her and left.

Now came Zacks turn. Mrs. Stone started, ‘I know your parents are divorced and you probably have two dinners to attend. Can I ask you to go to your mom’s dinner first then your dads? Your mom would appreciate making her first. Please do that for your mom.’ Zack looked a little confused but agreed and left.

That whole interaction fascinated Sondra. She had never heard a teacher speak to students like that. As she began to leave Mrs. Stone said, ‘oh before you leave, I want to show you something. I need to demonstrate. When a person is choking on food there is an easy way to clear their throat’. And she showed her how to hold from behind and push hard under the diaphragm. ‘This is just something that may come in handy to know. Have a great Thanksgiving.’ Sondra looked at Mrs. Stone with confused eyes but then left for the holidays.

Monday morning after the holiday all students were present, except Zack. While Mrs. Stone began her instruction, Sondra was fixed on Mrs. Stone as if she needed to study her every move. Sondra had an experience on Thanksgiving that heightened her opinion of Mrs. Stone. She had Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant with her parents when her mother began choking on her food, Sondra immediately knew what to do and push on her mom’s diaphragm and the food was cleared and her mom was safe. Since that dinner Sondra has not been able to think about anything but Mrs. Stones intuition.

During lunch break Sondra talked to Billy and Evelyn. She asked them how their holidays were. And they both calmly said fine. Surprised by the answers Sondra pressed Evelyn ‘did you drive on Thanksgiving.’ Evelyn responded ‘oh yeh, my dad was so tired he almost slept the whole holiday. We had to wake him for Thanksgiving dinner, otherwise it was kind of boring.’ Sondra asked Billy about his holiday. Billy nonchalantly replied, ‘it was kind of boring. I told everybody about the peanut story and my uncle thru out the sauce. I guess that was good. I ate too much.’

After lunch as Sondra headed back to the classroom, she saw Mrs. Stone talking to the school Principal and they motioned Sondra over. The Principal needed to inform them about Zack. Zack would be staying with his mother full time from now on. His father’s family had a huge fight doing Thanksgiving dinner and his father and uncle were arrested. Fortunately, Zack was not there at the time and avoided the whole mess. Sondra stood there in disbelief and told Mrs. Stone ‘we have to talk’.

Back at the classroom Sondra confronted Mrs. Stone. ‘This is amazing. How do you do it? Evelyn, Billy and now Zack. And I haven’t told you, but I saved my mom by using that diaphragm technique. How do you do it?’ Mrs. Stone stepped back pulled Sondra away from the kids and whispered, ‘people usually aren’t aware of what’s happened. But you saw more than others have. I am sorry I hope this doesn’t disturb you. Ever since I was a child, I could see trajectories of people’s lives. Some call it clairvoyance. If people become aware, they become afraid and suspicious. I could lose my job. Please keep this between us.’ Sondra stood silent processing this extraordinary information. Sondra finally replied, ‘you saved my mom’s life. I believe in some way you are an angel in hiding. Thank you for knowing me and allowing me to peak at your good deeds. I will protect you with all I have and hopefully I can be like you some day.’ Mrs. Stone smiled with knowing eyes. Peace