Jason Lawrence Bell
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06-04-19 Soul Lessons


‘Please let the reveal show its meaning. It is there for some purpose and if you can discover that meaning, enlightenment is possible. Where clarity in portion, can expose clarity in the whole,’ read the words in the first chapter of the self-help book ‘You For You’. David had been recommended the book by one of his colleagues at his work and he thought he would give it a try. The colleague was Helen, an attractive woman working in HR (Human Resources) for the corporate firm. During David’s yearly HR progress interview, she recommended the book to David.

David secretly was fascinated by Helen. He had seen her around the firm and he liked the way she moved so confidently and seemed sincerely interested in whomever she met. David was not a shy man but he never felt as impressive as Helen. She could command a room and would leave everyone wanting to know her. To David that was true power and he wanted it. So, in the interview David asked Helen for advice on ways that had influenced her. Helen said she would think about it and would get back to him.

A few days after the interview Helen found David in the lunch room and gave him a book to read. Helen said it was her favorite book and offered him her copy. Helen said, ‘this book changed my life. Maybe it will mean something to you. Please ignore the notes I wrote in the margins. Just my comments. I am sure you will have your own. I hope you like it.’ David thanked Helen.

David couldn’t wait to start reading. He preferred reading in bed before sleeping. So that night David went to bed early ready to start the book. He found the book much different than he expected. It was a spiritual approach to self-help. The first chapter was titled ‘External reflects the Internal’. David found that almost every line was thought provoking. He would read a paragraph then spend half an hour chewing on it in his mind. But he was really fascinated by Helen’s writing in the margins. He could see what she felt was important. So much to think about.

David had barely finished the first chapter when he ran into a Helen in the hallway. She asked how the book reading was going. David told her about his slow read and long moments of contemplation. Then he commented, ‘you have sent me on a long journey. I hope I finish this book in this life time.’ Helen suggested, ‘it may not take as long as you think.’

That night as David read, he came upon one of Helen’s notes, ‘let the soul lead your thinking’. This confused David so he found Helen the next day and asked her to explain. She started talking about how the mind was easily confused, but the soul stayed clear. David noticed that Helen was becoming almost shy. She barely could make eye contact. She finished the conversation quickly and left. That surprised David. This was not the confident person he knew. That night he read more.

He noticed the chapters on spiritual connections were the ones Helen made the most notes. David sensed that Helen was deeply aware of her spirit but struggled to find connections. David decided that he wanted to feel his spirit. So, he consulted the book. It talked about quieting the mind thru meditation. So, David tried meditating for the first time. After a few attempts he eventually quieted his mind and felt himself sinking. Then he became aware of a mirror in front of himself and his own eyes reflected back to him. He felt so comfortable looking deep into his eyes that he started to weep softly. He must have fallen asleep, because the next thing he became aware of was his alarm clock.

The following day was very different. Whomever he met he tried to look into their souls. He found that just looking into their eyes often made people uncomfortable, so he tried talking to their souls. This worked with practice. He instinctively knew how speak to souls. It required complete honesty and a deliberate effort to speak past the mind. David would direct his words around their chattering brains. He practiced on people in the market and his neighbors and colleagues at work.

That night David didn’t read, instead he meditated on his new abilities. He felt like he had returned home. A deep sense of comfort was being washed over him. It was wonderful. He could not wait to tell Helen. The next morning at work, he pulled Helen to the side and excitedly tried to explain his meditations and talking to souls. He attempted to talk to Helen’s soul, but she would immediately shut down and said she couldn’t talk any longer and rushed away. David stood there in disbelief. Why was Helen so resistant? So, David went back to the book.

That night he read only Helen’s comments in the margins. He read until he fell asleep. But he continued to study Helen in his sleep. He could see Helen was frozen inside. She couldn’t acknowledge it, but she felt a spiritual modesty. Her mind had concluded somehow that exposing the soul was too revealing and could only be shown to the most trusted. The catch was no one was really trustworthy enough and her modesty would shut her down. But the book showed how she struggled to defeat the modesty, but so far, she had failed. The next morning David decided on a new tactic to reach Helen.

He again began talking about a part of the book and asked for her opinions. When she was responding, David glimpsed a quick look at her soul and winked. He saw Helen involuntarily winked back. He tried it again and she would wink back as if she was completely unaware. David knew her soul had responded. Small doses seemed to give momentary access.

The next time they talked he allowed himself to slip into a meditative state where his mind was quiet and listened for Helen’s soul. As Helen was verbally making points about the book, her soul also spoke to David. He softly heard, ‘hello, welcome’, he gently replied ‘thank you for meeting me’. Then they remained quiet in each other’s presents as their minds ran a conversation about things in the book. When they finished and separated, David felt amazing. Soul connections were so superior to mind connections.

The next day David asked Helen to share lunch and they continued their book review conversation, but immediately winked at each other and allowed their souls to float to together. Then lunch was over. David couldn’t remember a single word of the conversation, but soaked in the memory of her soul. Helen must have enjoyed their talks because the next day she asked David to have lunch. So, again their minds started chatting about what-ever and their souls found their connection.

David decided to take a chance and said, ‘you know the most impressive words in the book, to me, were your notes in the margins. You said, ‘let the soul lead the mind’ that was profound. It’s like letting the soul step forward and to lead your life. That is the truth. That’s perfection.’ David saw tears forming in Helen’s eyes. He could see her starting to get up, so he said, ‘you’re safe with me, please stay’. He watched as she inwardly struggled, but she sat back down. And after a moment she wiped her tears and looked back deeply into David’s eyes. Then she spoke, ‘Hello, welcome’ and knowingly winked at David. Peace***