Jason Lawrence Bell
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06-08-19 Tired Fingers


‘So, your hands feel tired, especially your fingers, when you wake in the mornings. And now you’re noticing calluses forming on your fingertips. Your smart phone is always unplugged with a drained battery in the morning, even though before you go to bed, you plug it in to the charger. Does that sum up your experience’ asked the doctor to Melvin.

Melvin has been having strange problems with his phone for months, now his fingers are showing peculiar symptoms of stress. The doctor was naturally connecting the two evident and asked Melvin, ‘is it possible you are using your phone while you sleep. Like ‘sleep walking’ but phone texting instead.’ Melvin said, ‘I guess that is possible but I don’t remember anything. I checked my phone for text activity and it’s always cleared. Even the text I know I’ve sent are gone. You can add that to strange activities.’ The doctor decided to prescribe a sleeping aid to help Melvin. Hopefully this would put Melvin into a deeper sleep and these strange events would stop. But Melvin still woke up with a dead phone and tired fingers.

Melvin decided to set up a camera in his room to record himself sleeping. He needed to solve this once and for all. The next morning the phone was fully charged. His fingers weren’t tired and the camera showed him sleeping all night. As long as the camera was on, the nights were normal. But one night he tested the process and left the camera off. The next morning the phone was dead and his fingers felt extra tired. This stumped Melvin.

In his frustration just before bed the next night, Melvin texted himself an affirmation ‘I will not text during my sleep, instead I will have a deep relaxing night’s sleep’. He had read that affirmations were powerful mental suggestions that the mind would accept. He was desperate and out of ideas so he tried it. But immediately he received a text back. It read ‘there is much work to be done. Important work. You must allow or much will be lost’. Melvin was shocked and looked for the sender’s identity. But it showed the text came from his phone.

Melvin texted, ‘who are you?’ Back came simply ‘you, the higher you’. ‘I’m high’ asked Melvin. ‘No, not inebriated high, your higher self. Don’t fixate on it, you won’t understand. Just know it is the part of you that you usually aren’t aware of,’ responded the text. ‘Are you texting at night?’ Asked Melvin. ‘I am using your phone yes. It allows me to affect the world realm. This is important work,’ read the text. Completely confused Melvin texted, ‘higher self, I won’t understand, world realm, important work. All from my cell phone when I sleep.’ ‘Yes’ was the response. ‘What is the important work? Or can’t I understand that either?’ Asked Melvin. ‘Truth, the fight for truth, it is being attacked by dark personalities and action is needed now.’ Said the text.

After a pause another text came, ‘Stay awake and watch, just relax and let me work’. Melvin sat back on his pillow and watched the phone screen as his fingers became directed by something other. Everything seemed very high speed. Zipping around websites, hacking into software, turning on computer cameras and exposing the people behind the sites and disabling networks. Melvin was impressed. He thought that he had become some kind of vessel or warrior for a fight that was completely out of public view.

The next night before sleep Melvin texted, ‘why is this fight so important?’ A quick text came, ‘truth is the foundation of all. Truth defines existence, love, God, happiness, integrity. Truth is the only compass. It shows us right from wrong. With truth humans are their best selves. Humans have analytical minds that need protection. Without truth our minds will work against us. If we don’t win this battle, untruth will lead to the annihilation of humans. Literally. Mother Nature, the planet and the animal kingdom live completely by laws of truth. Only humans have the ability to lie to themselves. And those lies lead to bad decisions that have developed many mechanisms of self-destruction. This fight for truth is truly the fight for human existence. Nothing less.’

Melvin sat back in deep thought as his fingers began to fly across the keyboard. The seriousness of this work, this war, finally sunk in. The next day Melvin quit his job and applied to work for the Environmental Protection Association in the communications department. Now he fills his days with World Peace and the Clean Energy Coalition. Melvin literally works day and night for the salvation of human existence. Peace***