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06-18-19 PT 2 The Face Exposes

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Part II

Greta failed to show the world the hidden side of wealth. She only asked for privacy and said she spoke thru her businesses, but she knew there was more and she regretted not speaking out. Saul was no help. He was a workaholic and claimed he was too busy to participate. They had decided their legacy was using capitalism to spread wealth to the needy and they stopped at that. But possibly, subconsciously, they setup the elements to accomplish further advancements, when they hired Helena as the face of the organization.

Helena was the pure soul who recognized the altruism of Saul and Greta, and she would be the eyes of truth that exposed the underbelly. As the voice for the organization, she became the target of influence peddlers, who wanted to show Helena what real power was. Some would corner her at events and claim to have the skills to give her enormous powers in the government. Others would tell her they could create tax avoidance schemes and money shelters. One said they could create their own military armed forces. Even death squads were subtly suggested.

Helena decided to setup a group of attorneys to study and analyze each offer. Like the tax avoidance schemers, Helena would tell the brokers of her strong interest in their skills and introduced them to the attorneys. She would tell them that they had attorney client privilege and all information should remain privileged never to be closed. This gave the brokers confidence to tell everything. The attorneys would collect all the information. Helena also had everyone including the attorneys sign Non-disclosure agreements. This surprised the attorneys.

The government power brokers were the most intriguing to Helena. Each approached power accumulation in a different way, but they all agreed using lobbyists was ineffective and old school. Instead, they relied on electing controllable politicians. They even suggested they could adjust polling results without detection. Some suggested owning news media, if they bought the Washington Post and used it to push their own political messages. There were many approaches and Helena’s attorneys detailed everyone.

The idea that astonished Helena the most, was one broker suggested that some states were easy to take over. She could create her own kingdom, where she owned every politician and made the laws that benefited her the most. This would allow her a private army and the ability to expand to other states. Helena saw the opportunities that were available to only the rich and collected every option in detail.

After a year of collecting, the attorneys called a meeting with Helena. Since they were deeply familiar very all the data, they had developed an action plan that Helena didn’t request. They created a power point presentation that detailed the order that the actions could be taken. Helena sat quietly as they talked about how tax avoidance should be created first. This would allow them to collect additional capital to finance the media purchases. With media she could begin manipulating political agendas and owning candidates. They showed a time table for power brokering and gave Helena a clear path where she could become one of the ten most powerful people in the world. Helena was impressed and thanked them for their hard work. They would hear from her shortly.

And that they did. On the television show 60 Minutes Helena was a surprise guest. They slotted the entire show to Helena. The first part of the show was about Greta and Saul’s amazing accomplishments and Helena’s deep admiration that led to her to become the face. Once the organization became known, the financial evaluation of the organization was commonly known at many Billions. Then out of the wood work came the sharks and power brokers. At this point in the show Helena announced the release of her book, ‘The Secret Menu For The One Percent’. She began to read from the first paragraph of the book.

‘In American Indian society a man who desired to collect and own more wealth than he needed for himself and his family, was considered mentally ill. Greed was a sign of weakness and insanity.’ Helena then described the book as the sick menu that only the wealthy purchased from. Each chapter detailed the investigation of power broker options and exposed their legal and illegal creations. Never had the processes been so accurately laid out. Then Helena spoke about the last chapter. It was titled ‘The ease of finding corrupt advice from attorneys.’ She reminded all attorneys involved that they signed Non-disclosure Agreements. So, they could not create power plans for their other clients using Helena information. Helena ended the show by thanking Greta and Saul for their vision of goodness and by giving her the opportunity to expand their legacy with the inclusion of truth and honesty. Peace***