Jason Lawrence Bell
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06-26-19                   PUSH ARROW TO BEGIN AUDIO

‘Contacts are infrequent but substantial when they do occur.’ Noted Bruce on his report regarding strange communications from unexplainable sources. Bruce has been fascinated with the phenomenon of channeling, psychics, and other forms of communications from beyond. He has read hundreds of books and interviewed dozens of people who had experiences connecting with external or internal sources.

Bruce is convinced there is intelligence from some other realm or dimension that leaks through human barriers to connect with human awareness. This intelligence is profound and comes from a perspective that humans don’t normally have access. It is an amazing mystery involving human limitations and superior knowledge.

As Bruce reviews his statements it’s obvious how vague and unsatisfying his explanations are. It really shows how the mind with its inadequate vocabulary struggles to describe the unexplainable. However, Bruce stays dedicated. He accepts his impossible task and uses his daily efforts to push any understanding forward.

Today he will interview an elderly woman. Bruce became aware of her abilities through mutual friends. But the woman has been reluctant to meet, and it took many attempts before she finally agreed to a short conversation. Her name is Sofia and she lives in a modest cottage near the Northern California Redwoods. When Bruce arrived at her private residence and he drove down a long drive way thru the tall trees to a clearing, where Sofia’s small house set.

Bruce walked up the path to the house and saw a woman on the porch rocking. It was a beautiful day and the porch overhang blocked the intense sun from Sofia’s rocker. There was another chair next to her rocker that Bruce assumed was for him. Bruce introduced himself. ‘Morning, I’m Bruce. Thank you for allowing me to speak with you. May I sit?’ Sofia saw Bruce eyeing the other chair and she replied, ‘Hello, please sit on the porch steps, this chair is taken.’ Bruce looked at the empty chair, but obediently sat on the steps. Bruce continued, ‘as I said on the phone, I am researching a future book on psychic connections. I would like to ask you about your experiences. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.’ Sofia asked, ‘why are you doing this’? Bruce told of his fascination and strong belief that superior intelligence exists from some other realms, and that we occasionally have access. Sofia’s responds, ‘okay, but so what?’ ‘Well, if humans can access this type of intelligence then the benefits could be enormous for mankind,’ replied Bruce. Sofia persisted, ‘why would it be a benefit?’

Bruce saw that Sofia has turned the tables and he was the one being interviewed. ‘Mankind is struggling and we need direction to lead us to a better life.’ “Mankind has always struggled. In fact, mankind has perfected struggling. So, who determines what a better life is?’ probed Sofia. Bruce was getting frustrated and felt intellectually attacked. ‘This world is on a path of self-destruction and we need immediate help or I’m afraid we will be extinct in the not so distant future.’ Sofia immediately responses ‘MANKIND is on the path of extinction. The world is fine. What is really needed? You’re not saying it.’ Bruce felt confused, ‘help, we need help.’ ‘You said superior intelligence. What will that give you?’ Sofia challenged. Bruce’s mind scrambled for an answer, then desperately he blurted out, ‘truth we need to hear the truth’. Then something amazing happened.

Immediately after saying his last word, Bruce felt a lifting sensation and his conscious awareness moved from his body to the empty chair. He could see his body still seated on the steps, yet his awareness was located in the chair. Sofia softly spoke through her mind, ‘now what would you like to ask me?’ Bruce felt so awake. He felt whole and completely comfortable. Slowly he found his words, ‘this is what I mean. A connection. I can’t explain.’ Sofia replied, ‘I don’t believe it can be explained from a human perceptive. Look at Bruce. See his limitations.’ From the chair Bruce observed himself. He saw the limitations of his senses. All the visuals his eyes can’t see, all the sounds his ears can’t hear, and all the dimensions of activities that swirl around him without his knowledge. Bruce watched his mind futilely attempting to understand with grossly limited abilities.

He could see his mind reaching faulty conclusions that compound on each other to make a deep mess that humans call knowledge. Sofia suggested, ‘full truth is beyond human’s ability to comprehend. But truth within the human experience is possible. Factually Truth is a human concept. In the totally of existence, truth is ‘what is’ and is never questioned or considered. Only humans have the ability to lie to themselves. Thus, the need for a concept of truth. The human mind is so young in evolution that it has become dangerous to human existence. The mind is designed to perform with equal passion and effort, to a ‘lie’ as it would for the ‘truth’. Consequently, humans create devastating means to kill themselves. Humans create overwhelming structures to destroy the environment that they most depend upon for survival. The mind is wonderful, but naive and easy to manipulate. Truth is needed because of the weakness of the mind.’

Sofia paused as Bruce soaked in her words. Then Bruce asked, ‘the human trajectory does not look good with global warming and the push for advanced weapons. Is there hope?’ Sofia responses ‘there is always hope. Which is also a human concept, because of the messes we create. In the grand picture humanity seems to be a great evolutionary experiment. Many evolution experiments have become extinct. Possibly humans will be added to that list. But consciousness is evolving and many are moving beyond their mind’s limitations. It only takes a fraction to move the masses in a healthier direction. Possibly your book could spark an awakening.’

Sofia seemed finished and began to stand up. Before she went inside, she turned to the empty chair. ‘I sense your dedication and offer you this’. From under her sweater she pulled out a manuscript. ‘I have written my understanding of the human dilemma. It is my human truth. Possibly with your energy and insights this may help sell truth to the mind of the masses.’ She set the manuscript in the empty chair. Sofia smiled and said one last thing to the chair. ‘Don’t forget to take that with you.’ And she points to Bruce still sitting on the steps. Peace**