Jason Lawrence Bell
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09-27-19                AUDIO AVAILABLE SOON

‘Gone were the days where ideas became dreams. Where dreams became plans and plans became action and action became reality. But all that is changing. The dream is back,’ bragged the old entrepreneur to his admires who had crowded around him. Arnold Gram was well past his productive years and now just wrote books and worked as a media commentator. His impressive business successes in his early years gives him credibility and a loyal following. But even his staunchest supports are thinking Arnold is getting a little too cynical and old school in his old age. Still Arnold loves to give out his opinion though his group of listeners is shrinking.

Tonight, is the annual meeting of American Business Leaders and Arnold is being honored for his career accomplishments. Arnold will speak about the future of business. After a few current business leaders addressed the audience, it was time for Arnold. He started by thanking the American Business Association for their recognition, then began his speech.

‘America, as is the rest of the industrial countries, is in the process of huge changes. Changes that have only begun to show their abilities to force massive disruption in our lives and homeland. Some see these changes as disastrous and destructive to humanity. Some say that it was business itself that caused these events to overwhelm. It’s said that the cold heart of business created the products that have caused the ordeal of Global Warming. And business did nothing to reverse the effective of our toxic products. This may be true.’

‘But I don’t care. As a businessman I look only to the future and how to take advantage of whatever comes next. And with massive changes comes huge opportunities. Opportunities that we need to prepare for. We need to have a clear vision of the future changes, and science will lead the way to that vision. We know oceans will rise, and science will tell us where the most destruction will occur. When temperatures great higher and hotter, science will tell us who and where will be greatest effected. When insects start overwhelming communities, we will know the areas of greatest damage. Science will lead us and we should be ready to create our businesses to respond to the needs.’

“As an example, Florida. As oceans rise thousands of moving companies will be needed to relocate millions of people. Security companies that need to protect against vandalism are a big opportunity. Dams and reservoirs will need to be built to block waters from moving further inland. And where will these people go? To the new communities we build in the dry states. Like underground communities in Arizona and floating communities in California. Some see the further as a series of horrible events, but I see the other side of the black cloud. The other side where huge opportunities exist. There is money to be made in disaster. And if we are true to the spirit of business, we will heed the call and reap our profits. I give a toast to our amazing future. Thank you and good evening.’ The crowd was divided. Some stood and cheered but the majority stood silent. To some the exposure of the cold heart of business was as horrifying as the disasters themselves. Peace