Jason Lawrence Bell
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11-13-19              AUDIO AVAILABLE SOON

Sometimes at night a full moon will light up the streets with a silver illumination that is other-worldly. Bruce sat on his front porch at 1:00am watching the empty streets and rows of houses in his home community. The full moons light revealed a calm clarity that stimulated Bruce’s eyes. He wished he was a painter who could capture on canvass this idyllic sight. But, for now, he could only try to memorize the moment as a feeble way to own it.

Bruce let the calmness of the night sink into his being like a healing vapor absorbed thru his skin. He felt balanced with the world. Bruce could sense that in his memories, set all the human daily activities that stress and distress his durable psyche. The ugly world of human politics, capitalism, the rich and powerful and struggles to survive were pushed to a dark corner of Bruce’s mind. Bruce could vaguely feel the presence of the massive mess that he pushed away from his awareness as he savored his calm bubble.

He felt like he was taking a vacation from human existence, and was floating in pure energy of health. He breathed it all deeply into his lungs and breathed out calmness that seemed to integrate with the silver light. Bruce knew his bliss was temporary. So, he tried to fill himself with soothing light to combat the duties that faced him.

Everyday Bruce has to return to his dark mess and function like a productive human. It’s this human world that Bruce is losing his taste for. Human intellect and growth aggression have been repulsing Bruce for too long. He simple doesn’t relate to most people any longer. He has grown tired of the moronic struggle. He regards human life as a short-term sentence to days of darkness and moments of lights. He’s unsure of the point of it all. And as he looks out on his silver front yard, he is drawn to simple beauty. He loves the thought that after human existence he could possibly become one of those rays of silver light from the moon. Bruce decided years ago that if human life became too unbearable, he would simply end his physical life and find out what’s next. This decision has given Bruce great comfort and probably has extended his stay. So, for now Bruce will remain with his dark daily struggle and his blissful nights of calmness. Peace